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Brain Fitness (Executive Functioning) (8/7/23 10:30 AM EST)

Your brain is like a muscle, and it can get stronger with exercise just like the rest of your body! Using games, puzzles, and interactive scenarios you will learn how to exercise your brain to increase your memory, boost your mental flexibility and problem-solving skills, decrease your distractions, and more. Let’s get our brains in tip-top shape!

This course will run from 8/7-9/10/23
Seminars will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:30 AM EST

Instructor: Sara Brown, sbrown@pslstrive.org

By the end of this course, users should be able to...

1) Define Executive Functioning
2) Identify strategies for working memory that can be used in your daily life
3) Practice finding multiple solutions to a problem
4) Recognize routines and practice performing them in a different way
5) Identify your common distractions
6) Practice ignoring distractions, negative thoughts, and unwanted behaviors
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  • Course Home
  • Course Overview (UPDATE EACH CLASS)
  • Let's start with what you know!
  • Seminar Information
  • Weekly Seminars (UPDATE EACH CLASS)
  • Unit 1: What is Executive Functioning?
  • Unit 1 Introduction
  • What is Executive Functioning?
  • Why Brain Fitness is Important
  • Your Executive Functioning Skills
  • Scheduling Your Time
  • Games & Your Brain
  • Memory & Task-Switching Game
  • Unit 2: Working Memory
  • Unit 2 Introduction
  • Working Memory
  • Working Memory Strategies
  • 1) Paraphrasing
  • 2) Mnemonic Devices
  • 3,4,&5) Write Down, Involve Senses, & Repeat to Remember
  • Working Memory Games
  • Memory Match Game
  • Unit 3: Mental Flexibility 107d
  • Unit 3 Introduction
  • Mental Flexibility
  • It's a Thing-a-mabob!
  • Dealing With Change
  • Reframe Frustration
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Practicing Flexibility
  • Perspective Taking
  • Task Switching
  • Optional: Try a Memory & Task-Switching Game
  • Unit 4: Inhibitory-Control 121d
  • Unit 4 Introduction
  • Inhibitory Control
  • Inhibitory Control Game - Colors
  • Mindfulness & Inhibitory Control
  • Self-Control
  • Optional: Check Out How These Kids Did With the Marshmallow Test
  • Attention
  • Optional: Play Set
  • Unit 5: Exercise those Brains! 142d
  • Unit 5 Introduction
  • Time Management & Avoiding Distraction
  • Challenge Your Selective Attention
  • Monkey Business
  • Getting Organized: Planning & Organization
  • Play an Organization Game with Daniel Tiger
  • Problem Solving
  • Read This Problem Solving Story & See If You Can Spot the Steps
  • Optional: App-based Games to Try on Your Own
  • Play Far And Away
  • Let's See What You've Learned!
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Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Course Overview (UPDATE EACH CLASS), Let's start with what you know!, Weekly Seminars (UPDATE EACH CLASS), Unit 1 Introduction, What is Executive Functioning?, Why Brain Fitness is Important, Your Executive Functioning Skills, Scheduling Your Time, Games & Your Brain, Memory & Task-Switching Game, Unit 2 Introduction, Working Memory, Working Memory Strategies, 1) Paraphrasing, 2) Mnemonic Devices, 3,4,&5) Write Down, Involve Senses, & Repeat to Remember, Working Memory Games, Memory Match Game, Unit 3 Introduction, Mental Flexibility, It's a Thing-a-mabob!, Dealing With Change, Reframe Frustration, Divergent Thinking, Practicing Flexibility, Perspective Taking, Task Switching, Unit 4 Introduction, Inhibitory Control, Inhibitory Control Game - Colors, Mindfulness & Inhibitory Control, Self-Control, Attention, Unit 5 Introduction , Time Management & Avoiding Distraction, Challenge Your Selective Attention, Monkey Business, Getting Organized: Planning & Organization, Play an Organization Game with Daniel Tiger, Problem Solving, Read This Problem Solving Story & See If You Can Spot the Steps, Play Far And Away, Let's See What You've Learned!"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever