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Fact or Fiction: Critical Thinking & Collaboration (1/8/24 MW 330 PM EST)

Critical Thinking is using reason to examine all the information before making an informed decision or opinion. We will examine media and information sources and look at how different people and websites present the same information in different ways. How do you know if you're getting the whole story? We'll also practice listening to and understanding people who we don't agree with. We'll look for common ground and ways to communicate and collaborate.

This course will run from 1/8-2/11/2024
Seminars will meet on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 PM EST

Instructor: Sara Brown, SBrown@pslstrive.org

By the end of this course, users should be able to...

Define critical thinking
Ask questions to discover hidden assumptions and biases
Look at an idea from multiple perspectives
Practice finding multiple solutions to a problem
Practice considering possibilities without (always) accepting them
Express an idea in a clear and concise way
Combine ideas to create new ideas (using flexible thinking)
  • Course Homepage
  • Course Overview
  • Let's start with what you know!
  • Seminar Information and Recordings
  • Weekly Seminars
  • Unit 1: What Is Critical Thinking?
  • Unit 1 Introduction
  • Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking Game: Logic
  • Turning Off Autopilot
  • Critical Thinking Game: What Changed?
  • UNIT 2: Asking the Right Questions
  • Unit 2 Introduction
  • Asking Questions
  • What Questions Do You Have?
  • What Do You Observe, Think, Wonder?
  • Questioning Game: Pick Your Candy
  • Media Literacy
  • Reality Check (Asking Questions)
  • Critical Thinking Game: What Is The Relationships?
  • UNIT 3: Multiple Perspectives
  • Unit 3 Introduction
  • Perspective Taking
  • Logic & Perspective
  • Steps to Perspective Taking
  • Empathy
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Flexible Thinking Game: Match the Example
  • UNIT 4: Reflect & Plan
  • Unit 4 Introduction
  • Reflect
  • Self-Reflection & Bias
  • Reflective Thinking & Planning
  • Peanut Butter Challenge
  • Reflective Thinking & Planning Discussion
  • Critical Thinking Game: Dwarf Giant
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  • UNIT 5: Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, & Create (Synthesis)
  • Unit 5 Introduction
  • Paraphrase & Summarize
  • Communicate & Collaborate
  • Let's Communicate
  • Stop! Collaborate and Listen!
  • Connect & Create
  • Let's Practice: Communicate, Connect, & Create
  • Let's See What You've Learned!
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Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Let's start with what you know!, Unit 1 Introduction, Critical Thinking, Critical Thinking Game: Logic, Turning Off Autopilot, Critical Thinking Game: What Changed?, Unit 2 Introduction, Asking Questions, What Questions Do You Have?, What Do You Observe, Think, Wonder?, Questioning Game: Pick Your Candy, Media Literacy, Reality Check (Asking Questions), Critical Thinking Game: What Is The Relationships?, Unit 3 Introduction, Perspective Taking, Logic & Perspective, Steps to Perspective Taking, Empathy, Flexible Thinking, Flexible Thinking Game: Match the Example, Unit 4 Introduction, Reflect, Self-Reflection & Bias, Reflective Thinking & Planning, Peanut Butter Challenge, Reflective Thinking & Planning Discussion, Critical Thinking Game: Dwarf Giant, Unit 5 Introduction, Paraphrase & Summarize, Communicate & Collaborate, Let's Communicate, Stop! Collaborate and Listen!, Connect & Create, Let's Practice: Communicate, Connect, & Create, Let's See What You've Learned!"
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